Engineering & Project Management

GRAM Northwest provides services in Environmental Engineering, Construction Management, and Project Management.  Our engineers and project professionals have managed large environmental programs in addition to overseeing the design and execution of extensive corrective measures and remedial actions.  We have extensive experience addressing problems at high-risk hazardous, radioactive, and mixed-waste sites.  GRAM NW environmental and project management professionals develop, design, and manage the implementation of a wide variety of environmental projects.  The company’s goal is to help our clients best meet environmental restoration and remedial-action objectives by implementing cost effective and compliant solutions.  These solutions are developed and designed based upon our thorough understanding of the geology, hydrogeology, and geochemistry of the sites along with the physical and chemical characteristics of site-specific contaminants.

environmental consulting services


GRAM Northwest demonstrates the highest ethics in all business dealings with clients, employees, subcontractors, and competitors. At GRAM Northwest, our top priority is to conduct all work safely, to the highest industry standards, and in the most efficient manner possible.  The GRAM Northwest staff is highly experienced and highly qualified to consistently deliver a quality product.


With more than 200 years of combined experience, GRAM Northwest is a diverse science and engineering consulting company equipped with a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise in hydrogeology, geology, environmental science, environmental engineering, archaeology, cultural resources, technical writing and editing, and project management.


GRAM Northwest’s environmental and project-management professionals develop, design, and manage the implementation of a wide variety of environmental projects, providing both technical and field support on many small- and large-scale projects.  We consistently provide quality results and compliant solutions through superior service and timely performance.