The GRAM Northwest Team


Suzanne Guess Bowles, Managing Member – Administration

Suzanne oversees all aspects of the company’s business, including contracting and accounting, and acts as a liaison between the company and its clients and partners for all business administrative functions. Her previous technical work experience primarily includes air modeling and air-quality permitting for natural gas clients in the southwestern United States. Suzanne was responsible for running air-modeling programs and for the development and technical editing of permit applications and reporting documents submitted to state agencies and the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the clients.

*Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering: Texas Tech University


Nathan Bowles

Nathan Bowles, PE, Managing Member – Operations, Principal Engineer

Nathan has many years of experience as an engineer, field scientist/geologist, and project manager for various environmental, hydrogeological, and engineering projects for clients throughout the western United States. Nathan is a registered Professional Engineer with an extensive background in environmental science and geology. His relevant experience includes drilling and well installations, soil and groundwater sampling, and the selection, design, and implementation of remediation technologies. As the Principal Engineer and Operations Manager for GRAM Northwest, Nathan is responsible for overseeing operations and working alongside clients across the Northwest.

*Graduate Coursework in Environmental Engineering, University of New Mexico

*Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering: University of New Mexico

*Registered Professional Engineer, Civil Engineering with Environmental Emphasis - State of Washington



Michelle Riffe, Senior Technical Editor

*Bachelor of Arts, General Studies, with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Communication: Washington State University

*Associate of Arts with a Major in Communication: Columbia Basin College

Dan Charbonneaux

Dan Charbonneaux, GIT, Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology: Central Washington University

*Recognized Geologist-in-Training, State of Washington

Ellen Whitney

Ellen Whitney, Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology: Central Washington University


Molly Swords, RPA, Senior Archaeologist

*PhD candidate, Historical Archaeology/History: University of Idaho

*Master of Arts, Anthropology (emphasis- Historical Archaeology & Forensics): University of Montana

*Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology/Forensic Anthropology: University of Montana

*Registered Professional Archaeologist



Duane Jacques, Consulting Environmental Scientist

*Master of Science, Biology: Washington State University

*Bachelor of Science, Biology: Western Washington University


Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark, Archaeology Technician

*Master of Arts, TESOL: Flinders University

*Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology/Archaeology: University of Montana


Chuck Steltenpohl

Chuck Steltenpohl, Senior Boat Operator & Environmental Technician

*Bachelor of Science, Economics


Ryan Bailey, Geologist

Ryan Bailey, Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology: Central Washington University


Matt Engel, Geologist

Matt Engel, GIT, Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology, with a Minor in Astronomy: Central Washington University

*Recognized Geologist-in-Training, State of Washington


Amber Chavez, Project Archaeologist

Amber Chavez, RPA, Project Archaeologist

*Master of Science, Palaeoanthropology: University of Sheffield

*Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology: Northern Arizona University

*Registered Professional Archaeologist


Nathan May

Nathan May, RPA, Project Archaeologist

*Master of Arts, Anthropology: University of Idaho

*Bachelor of Arts, History/Archaeology: Colorado Mesa University

*Registered Professional Archaeologist



Les Walker, LG, Senior Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology: Washington State University

*Bachelor of Science, Integrated Plant Science: Washington State University Tri-Cities

*Licensed Geologist - State of Washington



Samie Foster, Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology Major with Minor in Business Administration: Eastern Washington University



Cody Ellis-Herring, Geologist

*Bachelor of Science, Geology: California State University Fresno



Janet Cook, Senior Archaeology Technician

*Bachelor of Science, Park Resource Management: Kansas State University

*Bachelor of Arts, Biology: Southwestern College



GRAM Northwest demonstrates the highest ethics in all business dealings with clients, employees, subcontractors, and competitors. At GRAM Northwest, our top priority is to conduct all work safely, to the highest industry standards, and in the most efficient manner possible.  The GRAM Northwest staff is highly experienced and highly qualified to consistently deliver a quality product.


With more than 200 years of combined experience, GRAM Northwest is a diverse science and engineering consulting company equipped with a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise in hydrogeology, geology, environmental science, environmental engineering, archaeology, cultural resources, technical writing and editing, and project management.


GRAM Northwest’s environmental and project-management professionals develop, design, and manage the implementation of a wide variety of environmental projects, providing both technical and field support on many small- and large-scale projects.  We consistently provide quality results and compliant solutions through superior service and timely performance.